Why DOT Therapy >> Science

DOT Therapy uses the optimal spot size for better energy distribution to treat a wider range of patients for both collagen remodeling and the appearance of aging.

Collagen Shrinkage Effect and Stimulation

The SmartXide laser offers:

Ideal pulse characteristics for skin rejuvenation

Controlled DOT of ablation, while thermally stimulating tissue deep within the dermis

DOT Therapy’s scientifically-chosen spot diameter is characterized by a “bowl-shaped” thermal footprint. The dimensions of the thermally affected area generated by this pulse result in producing the ideal volume of thermally affected tissue cells which will ultimately stimulate the process of neo-collagenesis.

Tiny "column-shaped" footprint   Large "saucer-shaped" footprint   SmartXide DOT "bowl-shaped" footprint


Some CO₂ lasers leave deep, tiny, “column-shaped” thermal footprints that cause pain or bruising and are comprised in their ability to stimulate optimal neo-collagenesis. Other lasers utilize shallow “saucer-shaped” spots that leave behind wide epidermal wounds with significant overlapping of thermal zones.

When coupled with the laser’s featured Infinite Delivery Options (IDO) feature, the clinician is equipped with the ultimate in system versatility and clinical control -- for safe, predictable outcomes and minimal downtime.